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How do I know the price of a product?

Requesting a quotation to

What information should I provide to request a quotation?

Drawings and technical information required product specifications.

How long does it take to received an answer?

Our response time is three days after receiving the complete information

How is your sales process?
1° We quote if the price is approved

2 ° Customer requests samples

3 ° The delivery time is agreed by the parties

4 ° Samples are manufactured

5° Customer evaluates the samples and simestas meet what is required

Before starting a commercial relationship a sale-and-purchase contract is made and it must comply with the check list of Prevention of Money Laundering (PLD, in Spanish) 6 ° The customer places the purchase order // 7° We deliver the requested products based on the agreed times.

Why do we have to comply with the PLD regulation?

If the products the customer purchased contain precious metals with SAT requirements and from the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF, in Spanish) See:

How many manufacturing plants do you have?

We have three manufacturing plants and two laboratories: // Plant 1: In the Precious Metals Refinery we manufacture chemical salts and refine scraps with contents of precious metals like silver, gold, and palladium. Gold and platinum plates for serigraphy in glass and ceramics // Plant 2: Manufacturing of electric contacts in the form of rivets, silver welds in the form of wire, rods and tapes. We also manufacture conductive gold, silver and platinum pastes // Plant 3: We decorate glass with precious metals. We also have laboratories of chemical analysis of precious metals in the center of the city of Mexico and in Guadalajara.

Do you have any certifications?

In Plant 1 we have ISO 9000 cerificacion // In Plant 2 we have laboratory accreditation in 17025 standard as well as clean industry.

Do you have any website where we can know more details?

We have the following websites where you can know our company: